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Lowe’s Commercial Painting Testimonials

Lowes Painting has proven time and time again that they are competent in the skills of painting. The jobs we have worked on together have completed within the time frame and with no part of work uncompleted. They are always willing to cooperate and think out side of the box to make everyone happy.

I have never had a project go so smoothly in the 12 years that I have managed Adalia Bayfront … I was pleasantly surprised with so many owners complimenting your work and the professionalism, understanding and courtesy that was shown ..”

I believe that Lowes Painting has been able to stay in business even during hard economic times due to upholding a good reputation and relations with their customers. They are a definite repeat contractor and would be highly recommended for any job that I have to offer.

“The professionalism they displayed in their services along with their ability to hit our schedule greatly impressed our company… the paint job looks tremendous!”