Quality Policy

P: Pleasing our customers, no matter what it takes

A: Assuring quality workmanship on all of our jobs

I: Instituting training and re-training of all of our employees as the industry

N: Never assuming that everyone knows. Always asking questions when we are unsure

T: Treating everyone involved in the company with the utmost respect; including our customers and vendors

Requirements & Regulations

We take pride in our ability to perform work in all phases of painting on a wide variety of structures.
Our goal is to provide a service above the rest and a relationship with all of our customers.

All painting contractors employed by Lowe’s Commercial Painting are covered under all workers’ compensation requirements.

  1. Lowe’s Commercial Painting will provide of all insurance certificates necessary to perform work on all projects. All permits; if applicable will be pulled seven days prior to the project start date.
  2. Up to five (5) sample/ mock up colors will be applied free of charge. All further requests will be reviewed and advised.
  3. All employees of Lowe’s Commercial Painting partake in monthly safety briefings and can perform all tasks required for job completion through knowledge and experience.
  4. Assumptions are that customer will provide access, water, electric and parking. If these items can not be provided additional means are available but additional costs may apply.
  5. If on site storage can not be provided, Lowe’s Commercial Painting will provide storage for all materials and equipment related to the completion of the job.
  6. Lowe’s Commercial Painting will not tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol on job sites or projects carried out by Lowes Commercial Painting.
  7. Lowe’s Commercial Painting will provide all necessary equipment, labor and material to complete the job.
  8. Lowe’s Commercial Painting will be responsible for the disposal of all job site debris and hazardous material.
  9. All projects will be carried our by Lowe’s Commercial Painting employees. All sub contracting will be presented and approved prior to project start date.
  10. Irrigation and landscaping needs will need to be arranged prior to commencement with your landscaping source. At a minimum all vegetation will need to be trimmed 6-12 inches away from building for access. Irrigation will need to be delayed during the painting process.
  11. All job site standards; such as clean walkways, no smoking, notification to tenants/owners of work procedures and any questions and/or complaints may be directed towards and handled by the on-site foreman.
  12. Previously coated floors and walkways are unpredictable due to previous workmanship and products. All previously painted floors and walkways will need to be analyzed during the process to assure proper adhesion and completion of the work. Please know that this may incur additional costs and processes based on the findings. We are unable to offer warranties on previously painted floors and walkways due to the unforeseen previous conditions.
  13. All projects will be carried out in a timely manner. Some project delays are to be expected due to bad weather and/or distributor delays. These issues will be notified and worked around to the best of our abilities.
  14. Rust is a reoccurring problem that cannot be fully corrected by painting procedures or paint products. It is our goal in the prep and application of a product to retain rust the best we can for the longest period of time we can. In any circumstance there will be no warranty applied to reoccurring rusted areas.
  15. It is the responsibility of Lowe’s Commercial Painting to provide a safe working atmosphere for all the employees, contractors, residents and guests in relation to the painting project, for the property and work site while work is taking place.
  16. Any other unforeseen conditions will be addressed and reviewed for discretionary decisions.