About Lowes Commercial Painting

At Lowe’s Commercial Painting we are family owned and operated.
Our mission is to service your painting needs with master painters, quality supplies, and dedicated customer service.
With the owners on site and on call for any and all your needs.

In 1997 two brothers drove from Seattle, Washington to Tampa, Florida in search of a new start. With painting the only job they had ever known they set out with the hopes of a new start and the chance to own their own business one day. In 2000 that dream came true.

After a few years of working for another painting contractor, and acquiring the skills they would need to take the chance, they decided they were ready to do it on their own. With the skilled experience they had under their belt, they applied for and received their painting contractors’ license with Pinellas County. In June of 2000 they had officially became business owners of Lowes Commercial Painting.

As every new, young business has, they experienced ups and downs, highs and lows, but all the while they stayed focused, fined tuned the skills their customers wanted and grew their business. 20 years later they can successfully sit back and see a company that was started from nothing but two young driven brothers striving for more, to a company that now employees 50 full time, fully insured and fully skilled painters. A company that went from a few thousand dollars annually to a company that is able to service a few million dollars annually, while maintaining and satisfying their existing and startup customers. They continue to add new customers while fine tuning the processes and methods they use to better service all their customers and offer the most competitive, comprehensive and easy to work with option for all your painting needs.