Q & A

Painting is a serious improvement aimed to increase the aesthetic appeal of the structure while enhancing the functional value. The more you know about your project and its schedule the better it will flow. Know your contractor & the techniques they will use BEFORE they start How many days will your paint job take? Once they start will they be on your job everyday?

Professional contractors are better positioned to achieve long-lasting results vs. Do It Yourself methods. A commercial Painter has proper preparation and training to complete a commercial job successfully. Proper surface preparation is key to achieving a smooth and long lasting finish. Did you know that surfaces being repainted should be washed to insure surfaces are clear of any film, grease, dirt or residue? Paint won’t stick to the wall if you haven’t taken the time to prep. The surface must be clean and in good condition. Will your contractor use bleach when they pressure clean? How do they protect your vegetation?

No matter what type of work you contract to perform, it’s important to get accurate cost estimates when bidding for the job. Prior to 3 quotes lay out specifications clearly for what’s included & excluded to keep quotes fair and equal.

Save money by painting wisely by considering the 3 factors that impact longevity of a project.

  1. Quality of paint – Buy good quality #paint. It will cover with fewer coats and last for more years.
  2. Exposure to elements
  3. Quality of prep

Painting quotes should not only about be about price but should also consider outcome from the preferred contractor. Once the Painters are short-listed, it is important to test their knowledge and get their recommendations on your issues. The right Contractor can be selected based on word of mouth or testimonials from previous clients. Make sure to check them out before hiring Do YOUR own due diligence. Don’t rely that what others tell you is the truth. References for your contractor are golden!

Did you know many contractors work off an Occupational License which does not allow them to do painting? Did you know a Handyman or a Maintenance Man are not licensed to do painting, electrical or plumbing?

Painting safely can save you money and time. When contractors aren’t safe it often leads to injuries & makes the job take longer. Check your contractors insurance by calling their carrier directly to make sure they’re covered for the height of your building AND that all of their workers are their employees. Request that your subcontractor supply his payroll registers to you? Did you know that if the contractor pays his crew as sub-contractors or as cash, they are not covered with the contractors Workers Compensation?

A good paint job can last 10 years. The key is proper preparation during and the proper maintenance after. Painting regularly keeps the structure in good condition and protected from natures elements. A paint schedule, maintenance washing schedule and a budget can help plan ahead for when you are due for a fresh coat of paint while minimizing the need for large repairs to be done to the building.